Jarvis Cocker reveals new music

Jarvis Cocker announces new music for the TV series 'Likely Stories.'

Rough Trade Records have to announce the release of a 7” EP of music written by Jarvis Cocker for the UK SkyArts TV series “Likely Stories”. The series is the work of directors Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard (“20,000 Days on Earth”) & is based on 4 short stories by Carnegie Medal award winning author Neil Gaiman. The first episode will air in the UK on May 26th. Watch the trailer to the series below.

In Jarvis’s words “Four grubby tales set in all night cafes, low rent drinking dens and doctor’s surgeries. I didn’t have to leave my comfort zone for this assignment.”

Jarvis worked on the score for the series with musicians Alasdair Malloy (percussionist to Scott Walker), Serafina Steer, Sarah Anderson, Jenny Moore (collectively known as Bas Jan), Martin Slattery (The Hours, Black Grape) & drummer Tom Skinner (Melt Yourself Down). Adrian Utley (Portishead) makes a guest appearance playing synth & Swarmatron on the Main Theme.

The tracks on the EP are:

1: “THEME FROM LIKELY STORIES” – a full-length version of the music heard over the opening titles of each episode. With a beat. & A female choir.

2: “FORAGING” – from the episode “Feeders & Eaters”. An inter-generational love affair goes too far. The lyrics list edible fungi found in the UK.

1: “LOOKING FOR THE GIRL” – from the episode of the same name. An ageing photographer reveals the unlikely identity of his muse.

2: “POOR BABES IN THE WOODS” – from the episode “Closing Time”. Friends gather in an after hours bar to swap “true” ghost stories. One tale – of an after-school encounter – leads to the unearthing of a dark secret.

The physical EP will be available in US record shops as of Friday June 3rd, and is available to stream and purchase digitally as of May 27th. This is the first musical release from Jarvis Cocker since the “Further Complications” album in 2009, innit.