Who Invited You?


Photos and Story by Eric Brian Stevens

Rabit (Halcyon Veil) announces new project with Ledef (Halcyon Veil, House of Kenzo), titled Prestige Heel, with live presentation—cancelled by the Houston Police Department

In an age of ticket sales and corporate sponsorships, it’s a rare affair to experience something genuine in 2018’s club atmosphere. Navigating the scene can be frustrating. The vibe of the function can be enigmatic.

There’s a certain amount of solace in underground / DIY parties. They offer a space in which anybody can explore or exhibit themselves safely, in the pursuit of pleasure or self-indulgence. There’s an escapist offering, yet at the same time there is shelter. The illicit nature of these spaces spawns an exciting energy.

This was the framework for last weekend’s “Le Rouge” warehouse party in downtown Houston. The cops weren’t about it, though. Around 1:00 A.M., the party was shut down by the Houston Police Department—just minutes prior to Rabit and Ledef’s conceptual presentation and debut of “Prestige Heel”. The Men in Blue (at a red themed event) entered the warehouse completely uninvited, trying to unplug sound equipment and turn off projectors.

Perth Daijing (Perth Records – London, UK), casting out a cacophony of clamorous crashes over familiar pop songs, was forced to reel their set in early. There was nothing that anybody could do about it. The party was over. It was a crazy switch of atmosphere. One moment the crowd felt completely in charge of a space they created themselves, and the next it was all taken away—rendering everyone powerless. It was an attack. It was unwarranted and pre-planned.

Turns out, while it may be a “private event”, it can still be “illegal”. But would it have even been the same if it was “legal”? The underground scene in Texas is resonating with many, and it will find a way to further thrive, while still holding integrity.

Rabit and LEDEF

Rabit and LEDEF (Prestige Heel)

Rabit and Ledef’s track, “Prestige Heel” is “an auditory deconstruction of normative sexuality and an interrogation of the public space.” While it may be a careful deconstruction, the turbulent chaos is palpable. Listen below.

Fecal Matter came to Houston with Perth Records, whom they had recently played with at Berlin’s legendary Berghain. They were also on the lineup to perform a DJ set. Check out their Spring/Summer 18 presentation soundtrack, which was filmed by Nick Night, and scored by Perth Record’s Yegua below.

Fecal Matter (@matieresfecales)

Fecal Matter (@matieresfecales)