Interview With Chris From Painted Palms

Northern Transmissions' Interview With Chris Prudhomme From from San Francisco band Painted Palms. Their album "Forever" is now out on Polyvinyl records.

Northern Transmissions spoke with Chris Prudhomme, one half of San Francisco electronic duo Painted Palms. Their album Forever is now out on Polyvinyl records.

NT: You guys chose to write Forever apart from each other despite finally living in the same city. Do you find it easier working separately?

CP: It’s definitely easier working separately but it’s also not a totally isolated thing. Everything Reese and I contribute to the songs is made in privacy but we’re in constant dialogue with each other about what’s being made.

NT: Was it isolating at times, not being physically together when writing?

CP: I can only speak for myself, but I enjoy working on stuff alone…and I am pretty sure Reese does too. I don’t like being observed while I’m in the process of figuring things out, and I like to be confident in my ideas before I share them.

NT: You guys were invited to tour with Of Montreal, was it fun watching those guys play?

CP: It’s funny because that seems like such a long time ago. It was really fun and it also taught us a lot. Our style of live performance is pretty different than theirs but everyone in that band has an amazing stage presence, and playing live is a different game than recording songs. We feel fortunate that Of Montreal took us on our first tour.

NT: Aside from your electronic sound, there are psych pop influences in your music. Did living in San Francisco bring out some of those sounds.

CP: We both believe that part of your output is what you ingest, so living here made a difference. I’m not totally sure how it affected the record though.  

NT: The video for Forever is a pretty trippy one. Were you guys involved with the production and concept

CP: A production company named ours&yours made our video, which is composed of two very talented dudes. One of them is Reese’s brother and the other is a close friend of ours. We had some conversations about the concept, but what they made was theirs and very cool.

NT: Which five albums are inspiring you these days?


Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon

Factory Floor – Factory Floor

Arca- &&&&&

Lower Dens – Twin Hand Movement

White Fence – Cyclops Reap


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