hurt season debuts video for “hit”

hurt season (fka hrt szn) is releasing his second single of the year alongside a music video on Feb. 10th. The single, titled “hit,” centers around the artist’s mindset in relationships, which is “you gotta take me as I am. It’s just that simple.” Inspired by the likes of XXtentacion, 7981 Kal, hurt season’s new music follows his experience of finding a healthy outlet through creating.

Previously known by the moniker HRT SZN, he feels like the new name and project is a more accurate reflection of him — someone who is less afraid of criticism and more willing to be authentic. Where HRT SZN conformed, hurt season is breaking out of the box.

Music has been a safe space for hurt season since childhood, where his family would cruise around Mexico listening to the smooth electric guitar of Santana. Even now, whenever chaos is ensuing around him, he revisits those memories and collects himself by creating new music to process. Since he was 15, hurt season has utilized songwriting as a way to connect — with himself, with fans, with those close to him.


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