Hudson Mohawke shares new track “Play N Go”

Hudson Mohawke shares new track "Play N Go"

Hudson Mohawke has created a complete original soundtrack to Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world game, Watch Dogs 2. The track “Play N Go” ahead of worldwide release tomorrow.

From Ross Birchard:
“With Play n Go, I really wanted to create something that could be both big and anthemic but also strips back to some tough, driving percussion at points. I feel like both these motifs are reflections of the gameplay also; whether you want to go in all guns blazing or play in a more tense, stealthy style. Above all, I really wanted to keep the rebellious nature of the game within the track, crunchy DIY sounding with a victorious kind of cheeky undertone.”

Set in the San Francisco Bay Area, Watch_Dogs 2 invites players to step inside the shoes of brilliant hacker Marcus Holloway on his journey to pull off the Hack of the Century: a crippling shutdown of ctOS 2.0, an invasive technology used by the powerful to silently control everyday citizens. Stylistically ‘Ded Sec – Watch Dogs 2 (OST)’ casts a sound now synonymous with Hudson Mohawke. The harks back to his earlier work fusing electronics, hip hop and the beat scene – but hints towards Hudson’s love of classic science fiction scores.

1. Shanghaied
2. Burning Desire (Hacker)
3. W4tched (Cinema)
4. Haum Sweet Haum
5. Cyber Driver
6. Amethyst
7. Play N Go
8. Eye For An Eye (Reprise)
9. Cyber Driver (Opera)
10. Citrus
11. Balance
12. Burning Desire
13. Eye For An Eye
14. Robot (Finale)
15. Watch Dogs Theme
16. The Motherload


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