HTRK Share “Chinatown Style” Film/ Video

HTRK Share New Nathan Corbin directed Short Film/Music Video For "Chinatown Style"; Psychic 9-5 Club LP Out Now and available via Ghostly International

Nathan Corbin – “I worked as a delivery boy in Manhattan in my early twenties.  It’s an intimate way to experience the city.  The delivery is a conduit into an extended, physical exchange.  It can be erotic and psychedelic; the repetition of ‘opening‘ in a city full of guarded skyscrapers and locked doors. You float invisibly, drifting from one ambiance to the next.

In NYC there is fluidity between everyone. You’re constantly ‘encountering’ people. Always entering. The energy can vary wildly with successive shifts from light to dark to light like yin-yang. You found luck!  You find yourself in a utopian center: a Psychic 9-5 Club.

People are dancing.

I chose to work with people I didn’t know for the most that our interaction was new, a delivery.
The cinematography concept was crucial.  Shoot with a wide angle lens to create that innocence.  You see everything so the ‘gaze’…the obsessive and voyeuristic part of looking is reduced.  The eye of an open heart.”

“Chinatown Style”
Psychic 9-5 Club
Directed by Nathan Corbin

11:35 min
Short film for New York City starring Chinatown.

Year of the Horse.


Directed by Nathan Corbin
Co-Directed by Tony Lowe
Produced by Video Dub
Costumes and Styling by Jenni Hensler
Additional Cinematography by Rafe scobey-Thal
Stunt Driver-Elizabeth Jaeger
Mixed at Channel Uno,  NM


01. Give it Up
02. Blue Sunshine
03. Feels like Love
04. Soul Sleep
05. Wet Dream
06. Love is Distraction
07. Chinatown Style
08. The Body You Deserve


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