Hospitality Share Single “I Miss Your Bones”

Hospitality share "I Miss Your Bones" from Trouble, which comes out January 28th on Merge Records.

On January 28, Hospitality will release Trouble, the follow-up to their 2011 self-titled Merge debut.

Hospitality premiered “I Miss Your Bones” from Trouble writing, you can get a taste of the album with the stream of “I Miss Your Bones,” that finds singer Amber Papini mourning everlasting loss with such sad lines as, ‘All the stars will twinkle in the mist of the sea/ Black and lonely.” Behind her, the band builds from a sparse power-pop stomp to a noisy, psychedelic freak-out.'”

In its lyrics and its musical construction, Trouble is an album that wonders about the mysteries that lurk just beyond our field of vision. Slyly and sympathetically, Papini ponders a Saturday afternoon fishing trip as a wrenching interplay of life and death, the perfect blue sky at an air show as a setting for a soured romance. Papini elaborates: “Most of the songs are about everyday environments that arouse anxiety or unease. The ocean isn’t meant for people; we aren’t supposed to be there, and some of the animals that live there are much bigger and faster than we are in the water. I think a lot of the songs deal with this ‘out of place’ kind of theme, feelings of unease and the questions of what is under you or what surrounds you.”

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