“Hang Yr Hat” Cornelia Murr

Singer/songwriter Cornelia Murr recently released her single new “Hang Yr Hat.” The track is her since her debut LP Lake Tear of the Clouds, and is accompanied by a video featuring the late-great Marcel Marceau.

Cornelia Murr on “Hang Yr Hat:”

““Hang Yr Hat” was written and recorded in the final days before the world shut down, this song is a meditation on self-hood as a performer and as a person, the duality of art and entertainment. It came out of recollecting younger more malleable days before I released music, and was pushed into being with the spiritual help of a youtube clip I stumbled upon— that of the mime, Marcel Marceau. To hang your hat is to feel at home, so it’s about finding that place within yourself and coming from there in whatever you do. We’re all somebody and nobody and everybody all the time.”

Months ago I sent an impassioned google-translated email to the contact associated with the above mentioned youtube clip, a French DVD distribution company. To my great surprise Dominique Delouche, the director of the 1967 film the clip was from, wrote back. He is now 90 years old, once the assistant to Fellini on La Dolce Vita and Nights of Cabiria, and a legendary filmmaker in his own right. He gave me his blessing to use his footage and was something a guardian angel over this project, being a direct link to Marcel Marceau as well.”