Grian Chatten Debuts “Last Time Every Time Forever”

Grian Chatten shares “Last Time Every Time Forever,” the third track from his forthcoming solo debut album Chaos For The Fly, out June 30th
Grian Chatten photo by Eimear Lynch

Grian Chatten shares “Last Time Every Time Forever,” the third track from his forthcoming solo debut album Chaos For The Fly, which will be released on June 30th via Partisan Records. The Fontaines D.C. vocalist worked with the band’s long-standing producer Dan Carey on the record. “Last Time Every Time Forever” follows the recent release of both “The Score” and “Fairlies,” both will appear on Chaos For The Fly.

Of the track, Grian Chatten shares “’Last Time Every Time Forever’ is a weak knee’d 99th lap around a hellscape town of your own making. It’s haunted by seagulls and hoarse-throated slot machines from the 1980s and it breaks its own promise on every listen.”

Chatten will play a handful of instore acoustic performances in the UK to celebrate the record’s release have sold out instantly. The dates in Bristol, Manchester, Brighton and London will be the first opportunity to see Grian perform tracks from the record live.

About Chaos For The Fly

Thirty miles north of Dublin along a windswept promenade you’ll find a tired casino, the sort of place anyone familiar with the rusted seaside glamor of forgotten coastal towns will recognize. A now shuttered escape where the crack of pool balls and chink of glasses in the lounge bar reverberated within the ever-present whirr and jangle of slot machines. Unremarkable to some, perhaps, but it was where Chaos For The Fly was born.

“I was walking along Stoney Beach at night and it came to me on the waves,” recalls Chatten. “I just stood there and looked at them and I heard the whole fucking thing. Every part of it, from the chord progressions to the string arrangements.”

The resulting songs could have been taken, shaped and reimagined with his bandmates in Fontaines D.C., but Chatten decided to treat these differently.

“I just thought: I want to do this myself. I know where we as a band are going next and that’s not where I want to go with this. I’ve got a couple of exaggerated aspects of my soul that I wanted to express,” he says.

“The rest of the band are all creative and songwriters in their own right, too. I didn’t want to go to them and be like, ‘No, every single thing has to be like this.’ I didn’t want to compromise with these songs in that way.”

“A lot of the album was written with just me and a guitar and I really like the idea of it being boiled down to those elements. That feeling of having the song in the palm of your hand, that control of having it with just you and a guitar,” he says. “There’s an intensity as a result of that.”

Grian Chatten 2023 live dates

June 30th – Rough Trade, Bristol SOLD OUT
July 2nd – Night & Day, Manchester (re: Piccadilly Records) SOLD OUT
July 4th – Resident Records, Brighton SOLD OUT
July 5th – Rough Trade East, London SOLD OUT

Pre-order Chaos For The Fly by Grian Chatten HERE


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