Gold-Bears announce new album on Slumberland

Gold-Bears announce new album on Slumberland, share single "For You" Their sophomore album Dalliance will be released on June 3 via Slumberland Records

Atlanta-based noise pop band Gold-Bears announce the follow up to 2011’s Are You Falling In Love?Their sophomore album Dalliance will be released on June 3 via SlumberlandRecords. You can now stream Stream the album’s debut single “For You.”

Gold-Bears’ second full-length, Dalliance, is a record about regret. It reminds you of that time you lied to your friend when you said you were too busy to hang out, but instead went to the bar alone. Or when you sent that really shitty email to your brother about something that really has no bearing anymore, because you were too caught up in the moment to think clearly. It also reminds you of the time you got divorced… from whatever or whomever.

In the past two years since Gold-Bears released their debut album Are You Falling in Love?, main Bear Jeremy Underwood gathered a new crop of friends to carry out his fuzz-filled visions. Dalliance is more focused and abrasive than that 2011 debut, combining their noise-pop influences from forebears like Boyracer and The Wedding Present with shades of the post-hardcore, emo and post-punk on which the band all cut their musical teeth. This is not to say that Gold-Bears gave up impossibly catchy song-writing, just that their signature indie punk anthems are now even sharper, the guitars even more slashing, and the songs even more harrowing and heartfelt than ever.




[Slumberland Records]

Track List:

1. Yeah, Tonight
2. Chest
3. Death With Drums
4. I Hope They’re Right
5. Memo
6. From Tallahassee to Gainesville
7. Punk Song No. 15
8. Hey, Sophie
9. For You
10. Her Fears
11. Fathers and Daughters

Tour Dates:

5/29 Atlanta, GA – Wonderroot *
5/31 Baltimore, MD – The Crown #
6/1 New York, NY – Littlefield (NYC POPFEST)
6/3 Brooklyn, NY – Shea Stadium
6/5 Philadelphia, PA – Kungfu Necktie ^
6/7 Richmond, VA – Steady Sounds In-store
6/7 Richmond, VA – RNH house
6/8 Charleston, SC – The Royal American
6/10 Atlanta, GA – Wonderroot ~

* = w/ Little Big League and Madeline

# = w/ Literature and Wildhoney

^ = w/ Hurry and Royal Shoals

~ = w/ Swearin’








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