Girlpool Share “Nothing Gives Me Pleasure”

Girlpool have Shared a new video for "Nothing Gives Me Pleasure." The track is off the Los Angeles duo's forthcoming release Forgiveness
Girlpool have Shared a new video for "Nothing Gives Me Pleasure"

Girlpool, have shared a video for “Nothing Gives Me Pleasure,” the final single off their Yves Rothman-produced new album Forgiveness, out April 29th via ANTI-. The Los Angeles duo is comprised of Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad

“Nothing Gives Me Pleasure is about trying to love yourself when it feels like no one else will,” says Tividad. “It was written during a time when I was working so hard to get someone specific to love and recognize me. On the path to doing that, I diluted myself so much that I lost sight of my own needs. This video plays with the lengths we go to to feel loved and how so many faces of intimacy may disguise what love actually looks like to us specifically. I have a history of getting lost in the labyrinth in the struggle for affection. In this video I wanted to interface with my own patterns in the attempt to better see and love myself.”

A few years ago, Girlpool returned full-time to their hometown of Los Angeles. Now in their mid-20s, Avery and Harmony are coming to terms with what it means to re-engage with the sprawling sunburnt metropolis of their youth as adults. Unsurprisingly, they’ve started making songs that feel as complex and mysterious as the experiences that have shaped this tumultuous era of their lives.

Just like they did for What Chaos Is Imaginary, Harmony and Avery each wrote their Forgiveness songs separately, then came together to decide how to present them in a style that felt representative of what excites and inspires them now. These songs investigate the always-shifting boundaries between a number of elementally human concepts: pain and pleasure, sex and love, reality and delusion, insecurity and confidence, grief and growth.

To support their vision of a sound at the intersection of Hollywood futurism and post-grunge sincerity, Girlpool enlisted help from producer Yves Rothman (Yves Tumor, Miya Folick). While they had conversations with other potential collaborators, Rothman’s genuine enthusiasm for crafting music at that crossroads — freaky and fucked-up, but also heartfelt and grounded — helped seal the deal.

“A lot of my songs on this record are about relationship dynamics where I experienced frustration and pain, and struggling to hold a lot of complexity in my emotions” Avery explains. “Writing Forgiveness helped me fit all those pieces into an acceptance: that my fate pushes me exactly where I need to go.” Harmony feels similarly: “A lot of life feels like unavoidable experiences to me,” she adds. “To me, Forgiveness is about accepting that concept. It’s about forgiving reality for having to be exactly what it is all the time.”

Track List

1. Nothing Gives Me Pleasure
2. Lie Love Lullaby
3. Violet
4. Junkie
5. Dragging My Life Into a Dream
6. Faultline
7. Light Up Later
8. Country Star
9. Butterfly Bulletholes
10. Afterlife
11. See Me Now
12. Love333

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