Futurecop shares new single, announces album

Futurecop! shares new single, announces LP Fairytales of Summer Shoegazers, which will be out in the summer 2014, their single "Lost Love" is now streaming

Futurecop! is the Manchester-based electronic project of Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol, both of whom are inspired by 80s and early-90s nostalgia. After graduating from college, Iqbal drew much inspiration from Scottish producer Mylo and his track “In My Arms,” and began recreating sounds from the 80s with no previous knowledge of electronic production. Utilizing a laptop, MIDI keyboard, and Reason, Iqbal’s Futurecop! project grew. Iqbal was discovered by Mylo’s co-producer who gave him his first show in London. Iqbal asked Carrol, his best friend since college, to join him on synthesizers while they projected The Transformers from 1986.

In 2009, they released their debut EP The Unicorn & the Lost City of Alvograth via Southern Fried Records. A year later, they released a 14-track album titled It’s Forever, Kids for Japanese record label and publishing company Media Factory (Pokemon, Area 88). The album allowed Futurecop! to experiment outside their bedrooms and into professional studios, with collaborative efforts from singers and producers they met while touring. Futurecop! released another EP in 2011 called The Adventures of Starpony via Rob Hitt’s record label The Sleepover Party. In 2012, Kiez Beats released The Movie OST, an instrumental soundtrack that was created for a made-up retro fantasy movie. Their second full-length album Hopes, Dreams & Alienation dropped in 2013 and saw them work with artists Lifelike, Pony Pony Run Run, Strange Talk, and Teen Daze.

With numerous releases, worldwide tours, and remixes for acts like The Naked and Famous under their belt, Futurecop! is set to release their latest album titled Fairytales of Summer Shoegazers on June 2nd. Each track will be accompanied by a unique visual experience, giving us a deeper glimpse into their vision, however nostalgic it may be.


Fairytales of Summer Shoegazers
Summer 2014

1. Into Your Heart
2. Sun Is Mine (feat. Mosiak & Hans)
3. Dictionary (feat. Future Holotape)
4. Mermaid
5. Eyes (feat. Lyon)
6. Growing (feat. Timecop1983)
7. Lost Love (feat. DWNTWN)
8. Till Eternity (I Miss You)



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