Erased Tapes

Erased Tapes Records – home to Ólafur Arnalds, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Rival Consoles, Nils
Frahm and Peter Broderick, amongst others – celebrates its fifth birthday!

Erased Tapes turned five with the release of a free new compilation and website. The free compilation of eleven tracks by the label’s current roster, is now available for everyone who registers to the brand new website.Fans simply need to log in/sign up for this little treat.Everyone can also hear four tracks from the compilation on SoundCloud as a taster.

Erased Tapes Records has become a meeting point and melting pot for innovative and imaginative musicians who knew there had to be somewhere they could call home.As artist Nils Frahm says, the label is ‘a wonderful place for creating music and I couldn’t be happier in this family.And it is a family. There’s a great sense of freedom on this label.’ Positioned deliberately outside the fleeting trends that typify contemporary indie music, Erased Tapes Records has fostered collaboration between its artists,
often fusing disparate musical forms and styles, rendering so-called genres like modern classical, post rock and electronica redundant.

Robert Raths, founder of Erased Tapes, explains: ‘I’ve always been most interested in a dialogue between two opposite poles, between traditional and contemporary, between digital and analogue. That cliff between electronic and acoustic, the pop and the classical world.In bringing these worlds together or at least start a conversation in how to utilise the best of both sides and make it into something exciting, something current and something that is of our time. In the beginning people might have found it hard to connect these dots between each of our artists, but throughout the years I think it has become more and more evident where the label is heading. Lots of good things have happened that I never dared to dream of. That’s what keeps it so exciting for me. And with what lies ahead, I daren’t even think where it
might lead…’

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