Emma Ruth Rundle Announces Engine of Hell

Emma Ruth Rundle, has announced that her new full-length Engine of Hell, will drop on November 5, 2021
Emma Ruth Rundle announces new full-length Engine of Hell

Emma Ruth Rundle, has announced that her new full-length Engine of Hell, will drop on November 5, 2021 via Sargent House. Along with the news, the multi-artist has shared a stunning visual for “Return.” The track is available today via Sargent House (Deafheaven).

The visual was heavily inspired by Jean Cocteau’s ‘Orpheus’ and Wim Wenders’ ‘Wings of Desire’, and gives nods to other films and images. Of “Return”, Rundle unfolds, “An examination of the existential. A fractured poem. Trying to quantify what something is definitely about or pontificating on it’s concrete meaning defeats the purpose of art making. I’m not a writer. I make music and images to express things that my words cannot convey or emote. I’ve been studying ballet and the practice of expression through movement, which I incorporated into the video. I choreographed a dance to the song – some of which you see. Pieces show through. Since completing ‘Engine of Hell’, I’ve stepped away from music more and more and into things like dance, painting and working on ideas for videos or little films. ‘Return’ is the result of the efforts.”

Emma Ruth Rundle on Engine of Hell:

“For me this album is the end of an era to the end of a decade of making records. Things DO have to change and have changed for me since I finished recording it.” In essence, Engine of Hell signifies a major turning point for Rundle as both an artist and as a person. The catharsis of this type of songwriting has effectively served its purpose, and to continue ruminating on the past going forward is less of a healing process and more like picking at a scab and refusing to let it heal. This may help explain why Rundle is less than enthusiastic about divulging the details about her muses, but it doesn’t alter the fact that these songs served a purpose in their creation, and that they may continue to bring comfort to others.

Emma Ruth Rundle
Engine of Hell
Track Listing
Sargent House Records

1 – Return (Official Music Video)
2 – Blooms of Oblivion
3 – Body
4 – The Company
5 – Dancing Man
6 – Razor’s Edge
7 – Citadel
8 – In My Afterlife

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