“El Amanecer” Tambino

"El Amanecer" by Tambino is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"El Amanecer" Tambino photo by Sivan Jacobovitz

Tambino, has shared “El Amanecer,” the new single off his forthcoming self-titled release. Translating to “The Dawn” in English. Tambino elaborates on the Michael Beharie-produced track: “El Amanecer is about a hazy moment in the late night/early morning, walking the empty streets with your partner or friend and hearing reggaeton beats echoing in the distance. It’s a song about feeling disconnected even though you’re in the middle of it all.”

The track follows previous release “Blonde Undone” and is the latest offering from his upcoming EP TAMBINO, due April 7th, which takes cues from Tambini’s Peruvian and Latin background and reinterprets them through the lens of his time in New York and DC’s punk scene. The result is a fusion of cumbia percussion and Spanish lyrics with shoegaze guitars, New York hip-hop beats, and indie songwriting to form a true Nuevayorquino expression of the city’s multicultural musical landscape. The EP was produced by Michael Beharie (Teddy Rankin-Parker, ZS) in his Fort Greene/Clinton Hill apartment across a year of sessions and features cover art by Chilean designer Gracia Echeverria, reimagining a photo of 13-year-old Tambini.

Tambino is the new project of Peruvian-born, NYC-based artist Kam Tambini. Born in Lima, Peru, with his childhood spent across Bogotá and Washington, D.C., Tambini moved to New York City at the age of 17 and made the city his home base. He spent the next 10+ years touring across North America and the UK with his band Glass Gang.