Efterklang Premieres “Apples” Video

Efterklang has just released their new 4AD album Piramida, and celebrated release week in New York with a  show at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, which NPR recorded for broadcast.

You can see a list of their upcoming concerts here and they will be back to the US next Spring. Earlier this year they premiered the new album at at the Sydney Opera House and they have just been invited by the Royal Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark to play live on Danish TV tomorrow. After this performance, their orchestral tour continues in Europe for the remainder of the fall.

Piramida is an album that was made in truly unusual fashion. In short, they sampled an Arctic ghost town and turned those recordings into instruments and music! In August of 2011 they went on a nine-day audio expedition to an abandoned Russian settlement in Spitsbergen, an Arctic island located just shy of the North Pole. Spitsbergen is home to the world’s northernmost grand piano, more polar bears than people and also to the ghost town of Piramida (officially known as Pyramiden), which was abandoned overnight in the 90s, and today stands as a slowly decaying ruin.