Downtown Records To Reissue Port St. Willow

Port ST. Willow to get debut album reissued from Downtown Records

Port St. Willow’s Holiday is an expansive yet personal record that was quietly self-released in early 2012, creeping its way into the ears and hearts of listeners.One of those people was ambient mastermind Brian Eno, who has waxed poetic about the band on a couple of occasions.

“I just heard a record last month by Port St. Willow…which I became completely entranced by,” he said. “I just thought how amazing that somebody could take the same few chords, pretty much the same sorts of sounds – it’s quite hard to tell what is original about it, but I just know I’ve never heard it before. It’s such a fabulous record.”

Downtown Records agreed with Eno to such an extent that they have signed Port St. Willow and will be reissuing Holiday on vinyl, CD and through digital outlets in order to make it available to a wide audience for the first time.

Consisting of Nicholas Principe and his longtime friend and collaborator Jake Nussbaum, Port St. Willow began in 2009 as Principe’s solo outlet following a period of cross-country moves. The act’s principle songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Principe eventually settled down in Portland, OR where he released the project’s first EP, Even//Wasteland, in the fall of 2010.

In addition to the original tracks on Holiday, Principe has composed a brand new 25-minute, four-part suite called “Soft Light Rush” to serve as a new companion piece for the album.”‘Soft Light Rush’ felt somewhat as though it were a process of building different rooms in the same house which I could go spend time in and keep myself sane,” explains Principe.


Two Five Five Two



On Your Side



Five Five Two Five



Put The Armor On The Mantle

Soft Light Rush [New 25-minute Bonus Suite]


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