DINOWALRUS share details of ‘Complexion’ LP

DINOWALRUS share details of Their Third LP 'Complexion' due For a June Release; Listen To or download "Psychic Pharmacy" Now

With Complexion, an allusion to the superficiality and complexity of appearances, DINOWALRUS has become both more electronic and anthemic. Always keen on mixing the past in surprising ways, it appears as if the trio have come into their own stylistically, focusing less on obscure references, and more on classic, emotionally-charged songwriting.  Jorge Elbrecht from Violens and Ariel Pink mixed the album and enlivened the songs with his layered and vocal-centric production.

And yet in the opening pulses of “Lucite”, it is also clear that the trio of Pete Feigenbaum, Liam Andrew and Max Tucker have partially returned to the driving motorik rock beats of their debut.  The core of the album stills plays off the kaleidoscopic and ecstatic Mancunian dance vibes of their sophomore album, Best Behavior, with tracks like “Wake Up in the Void” holding their own with the like-minded Jagwar Ma.

With forays into krautrock, Spacemen 3 balladry, dark-wave moodiness, Roxy Music art-disco, Echo and the Bunnymen, and textured yet-swaggering riffs reminiscent of the Stone Roses.  Nonetheless, Complexion maintains a unity under an increasingly candid(and occasionally somber) songwriting  perhaps informed by a new maturity related to some big ups and downs for the band over their 6-year existence, not to mention the added dimension of Pete and Liam simultaneously perusing advanced degrees at Columbia and MIT.



out on Personal Projects June 3rd (Vinyl + Digital)

1. Lucite
2. Tropical Depression
3. Psychic Pharmacy
4. Wake Up In The Void
5. The Future Sound of Puget Sound
6. Mispronounce
7. In A Sense
8. Grounded
9. Outerbridge Crossing
10. The Ancient Stereo


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