Denmark’s Yung drop single

Denmark's Yung have dropped their new single single "Burning Bodies" from their “Blanket/Burning Bodies” 7”

Yung, are a band from from Aarhus, Denmark, Led by 21-year-old frontman and songwriter Mikkel Holm Silkjær. Yung has already released a handful of singles, building a strong following, and early praise from NME.

Music runs deep in Silkjær’s family. At four, his dad Per Silkjær, then part of the band Studson, set up his son behind a drum kit, giving him a taste of music making when he was just tall enough to see over the stool. When he was 12, Per took his son to see garage rock icon Jay Reatard play in the practice room of local punk band Cola Freaks (the same group who would later play at Mikkel’s confirmation). About that time, Mikkel started picking up 7-inch singles from the Danish underground from his uncle’s Copenhagen store, Repo Man Records. Raised to see music as a craft and a calling, not art or artifice, he dove into his own productions as a teenager.

His dad literally stumbled upon his son’s burgeoning talent. During a trip to New York for his son’s 18th birthday, Per was up late, ripping newly purchased CDs on Mikkel’s laptop, when he found a long list of hook-heavy, exuberant tracks by an unrecognized artist named Yung. Fast forward a few years later to 2013, and Holm would start performing some of these songs live with a circle of friends—Frederik Nybo Veilie (drums), Tobias Guldborg Tarp (bass) and Emil Zethsen (guitar).

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