Dead Horse One Debut Video For “Saudade”

French shoegaze band Dead Horse One, debut video for "Saudade"
Dead Horse One "Saudade"

French shoegaze band Dead Horse One, released their first album in album in 2014. The band later reached out to Mark Gardener, guitarist for legendary UK shoegaze band Ride. After listening to their material, Gardener then decided to produce their Full-length Without Love We Perish. Over the next three years, the group toured Europe relentlessly. In 2017, the band collaborated with producer John Loring (Fleeting Joys), who produce their second album, Season of Mist. While on tour that year, they supported RIDE for a handful of shows during their European tour. The following year, saw the band play shows Brian Jonestown Massacre and NOTHING.

For their third LP The West Is The Best, the band returned to the studio with producer John Loring, and Mark Gardner. When commenting on the new album’s title and album cover, the band’s lead singer/songwriter, Olivier Debard, stated that ”The West is The Best” concerns a variety of complex contemporary and cultural themes and is therefore intentionally ambiguous. Debard continues that the album thematically is “a collection of thwarted love songs in the spirit of Sparklehorse and other such 90’s bands”. Ahead of the album’s release Dead Horse One, have given us a sneak preview, with a video for “Saudade.”

Dead Horse One on “Saudade:”

“Saudade” is the first single from our album The West Is The Best. This is a special song for us because it was written by Rorika Loring, her husband John and ourselves. Rorika and John play in Fleeting Joys which is none less than one of the best shoegaze band of the second wave, post-2000.. From another point of view, the song joins the title of the album since it is a French, English colaboration, by the presence of Mark Gardener at the mix table, and American, the Loring family is from Sacramento. The video evokes the old-fashioned charm of Europe, which aspires to transform while retaining its roots.


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