Dasher Premiere their new single “Soviet”

Dasher share their "Soviet", their New 7" out October

Dasher  premiered “Soviet” this week — the A-side to the Atlanta-based trio’s forthcoming 7″ release on Suicide Squeeze Records. Recorded by Jason Kingsland, “Soviet” captures the no-fills energy of a post-punk band without tagging on any of the unnecessary conceptual or historical talking points lazy music writers rely on. “Soviet” b/w “Teeth” will be available worldwide on a limited run of 750 copies, with 250 on fluorescent lemon lime colored vinyl and 500 on the standard black. A download code will be included. 

The power trio is led by singer/drummer Kylee Kimbrough, and her distinctive, rasping voice both rises above, and finds succor within, the maelstrom conjured by the band. Kylee’s powerful drumming is the constant within the noise-drenched swirl provided by bassist David Michaud and guitarist Kelly Stroup. 

Last year Dasher released their self-released demo Yeah I Know. The demo is a collection of catchy punk indebted to ‘90s touchstones such as Archers of Loaf and My Bloody Valentine, but filtered through a gritty southern hardcore aesthetic. Dasher capture a sense of the south’s old-world doom and it give the songs weight — a heavy aura.

ATL label Die Slaughterhaus brought us Dasher’s vinyl debut – the “Go Rambo” b/w “Time Flies” 7” single. “Go Rambo” is a hard-charging punker full of plenty of nuance and tension, but it doesn’t skimp on the ass-kicking either; much like a certain classic ‘80s action flick that takes place in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.

“Soviet” b/w “Teeth” will be released on 10/14 on Suicide Squeeze Records.

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