Dark Entries Announces Severed Heads, Executive Slacks and Xymox Re-Issues, 5th Anniversary Tour This July

Dark Entries Announces Severed Heads, Executive Slacks and Xymox ReIssues, 5th Anniversary Tour in July 5th anniversary. Reissues will be released July 12th
Dark Entries Records

Dark Entries is excited to announce some very special re-issues for July in celebration of their fifth year anniversary. On July 12th the label will release Executive Slacks’ S/T EP, and Xymox’s Subsequent Pleasures and Severed Heads’ Dead Eyes Opened, which features the extended mix of “Dead Eyes Opened” and two other tracks.

As a label that has released many re-issues and continues to do so, these three titles were specifically chosen to celebrate DE’s 5th year for their significance in founder Josh Cheon’s life.  “I grew up listening to 80s synthpop and darkwave and would go dance to songs by these bands every weekend in New York when I was 16, 17 and 18, it was just a big part of my life.” says Cheon. These artists are major factors in why Dark Entries began.

To further the celebration, Cheon DJing at the helm will be joined by REDREDRED (whose debut album is due out May 26th) Bezier and Max+Mara for a “Five Years of Dark Entries” tour. Beginning on July 25th in Chicago, the troupe will play a string of dates in the citites that influenced them. Dates are below, with more to be announced soon!

Dark Entries Tour
Friday July 25 – Chicago – Empty Bottle
Saturday July 26 – Detroit – Macho City
Sunday July 27 – Pittsburgh – Brillobox
Friday August 1 – Brooklyn – Baby’s All Right

Severed Heads
Dead Eyes Opened

Severed Heads-"Dead Eyes Open"Tracklisting
Dead Eyes Opened

Severed Heads are one of the longest standing bands to have emerged from the Australian post-punk and experimental scene. They began in Sydney in 1979, and were an early outfit to incorporate elements of ‘industrial’ noise-generation, tape cutting & looping and electronic sound synthesis. As the project developed, song-structures and vocals were employed in a more-or-less recognizable mutant electro pop style. After many line-up changes featuring Gary Bradbury and psychedelic guitarist Simon Knuckey, Severed Heads became the solo vehicle for composer Tom Ellard.
In 1983 they released a C-60 cassette called “Since The Accident” that grabbed the attention of Ink Records, a subsidiary of Virgin in the UK.  Ellard added a throwaway track at the last minute to fill out the cassette, not wanting to leave an unseemly gap on a C60 tape. This track, “Dead Eyes Opened” was catchy enough to get a lot of airplay on the main non-commercial radio station in Sydney. The band was asked to make this song into a 12” single. For this extended version, Tom Ellard and producer Patrick Gibson went to M Squared studio and passed the multitracked recordings through various EQ’s and delays. “Dead Eyes Opened” features samples from a radio program narrated by Edgar Lustgarten, a crime journalist from England, referencing a double murder case that occurred in 1924.  On the B-side are two solo compositions “Bullet” and “Mount” that Ellard recorded at Terse Tapes in 1982.

All songs are remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Housed in the original jacket featuring the iconic photograph of a girl with a painted face wrapped in some cloth by Juilee Pryor. Each copy includes a fold-out newsprint poster with a large photo of the band wearing Art Unit skull shirts on one side and liner notes and press clippings on the other. 30 years later Severed Heads are still paving the way for powerful, imaginative, and challenging music.

Executive Slacks
Executive Slacks

Executive Slacks-"Executive Slacks"

The Bus
30 Years
So Mote it Be

Executive Slacks was spawned in the humidity of post-industrial Philadelphia by three restless art students – Matt Marello, John Young and Albert Ganss. Starting out with  performance art in subways, they soon took their  angst-ridden act to galleries and night clubs. They recorded four songs in the fall of 1982 that became their self-titled EP released by local independent label Red Records in 1983.

On their debut EP Matt Marello roars and churns out white-hot shards of guitar while John Young’s short-circuited noise machines and Albert Ganss’s industrial metal drums create dramatic body rhythms. The Slacks drew their influences from contemporaries  like Cabaret Voltaire and Tuxedomoon, but also from extremes like disco and dadaism.  Songs were created using heavily modified synthesizers and various percussive instruments. Executive Slacks’ unique brew of primitive electronics, harsh guitars and aggressive vocals inspired many bands like Ministry, Front 242, Skinny Puppy.

All songs are remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Housed in the original jacket featuring a painting by Albert Ganss. Each copy includes an 8-page booklet on industrial gray and blood red paper with lyrics, photos and press clippings from the band’s archives.

Subsequent Pleasures

Xymox:Subsequent Pleasures

Going Round
Moscovite Musquito
Strange 9 to 9
Call it Weird
Abysmal Thoughts

Xymox was founded in Nijmegen, a city in the east of the Netherlands in 1983 by Ronny Moorings (Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers) and Anka Wolbert (Vocals, Bass). In April of that year Mooringa bought a TEAC 144 four-track tape recorder and the duo moved to Amsterdam. . They layered the drone-like tones of monophonic synthesizers alongside tape loops and rhythm tracks, then played guitar and bass, without the use of computers. The 5-song EP Subsequent Pleasures was released in 1984 and limited to 500 vinyl copies, and served as a precursor to the dark wave sounds they would champion on their self-titled debut on 4AD the following year. The track “Muscoviet Musquito”, was later re-recorded for the compilation album “Lonely Is An Eyesore” released by 4AD in 1987.

All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. All jackets have been silk-screened with pink and grey paint, using the original plates Anka created in 1984. Each copy includes a fold-out pink newsprint poster with never before seen photos of the band, lyrics and liner notes by Anka and Ronny. See the colors and waves in this deluxe 30th anniversary edition of a classic piece of Dutch history, highly sought after by collectors.


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