Current Joys Debut “Cigarettes” Video

Current Joys have shared their latest single “Cigarettes.” The track, is the third single of their forthcoming album Love + Pop, out 8/4
Current Joys have shared their latest single “Cigarettes"

Current Joys have shared their latest single “Cigarettes.” The track, is the third single of their forthcoming album LOVE + POP, which drops on August 4th via Secretly Canadian. To celebrate the release, Current Joys will be hosting an intimate take-over of Baby’s All Right in New York on July 26th, featuring album collaborator Brutus VIII. So far, the band have shred album tracks, “LOVE + POP,” “My Shadow Life (Ft. Oddbody).” The video was directed by Nick Rattigan alongside director of photography, Leia Jospe (How To With John Wilson, John Early: Now More Than Ever), who shot the video in one continuous take on Santa Monica Beach.

Current Joys, is the moniker of Nick Rattigan, who is also one of the primary members of Surf Curse. Rattigan is a prolific songwriter, producer, performer and music video director, with multiple credits across every discipline. LOVE + POP will be Current Joys’ tenth record in as many years and will be available on vinyl as well as CD and cassette in the fall.

Current Joys was heavily inspired by Lil Peep’s music and process when setting out to make the new album. LOVE + POP features a cover of Peep’s “walk away as the door slams” as the album opener. Rattigan describes a relentless, feverish pursuit to seize that inspiration and make a sprawling, unexpected album, with “a classic Current Joys-style song and a ten minute house track on the same record. All these songs are also the demo of the song,” says Rattigan. “They’re the beginning and the end.”

What began as a singular passion project unexpectedly grew into a uniquely collaborative record for Current Joys. Rattigan explains, “I’ve set out to make collaborative records before, but they often end up totally me, with just a couple exceptions. But then this record gave me the opportunity to be extremely collaborative, to let other people write instrumental tracks, sending links around for people to mess with and weigh in on. I sat down to do credits and realized here were all these people and styles and they all came together and worked.” Notably, Lil Yachty, Lily West (Lala Lala), Slow Hollows & more also feature on the record.

Pre-order LOVE + POP by Current Joys HERE


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