“I Crave You” Polarcode ft. Lauren Ruth Ward

Indie pop duo, Polarcode, officially premiered their new video for “I Crave You” yesterday. Check it out below.

The track features vocals by singer/songwriter, Lauren Ruth Ward, as well as a violin solo by Molly Rogers. “I Crave You” is taken from Polarcode’s recent series of singles and creative music videos featuring a variety of singers, including “Into Shock” featuring Whitney Myer (NBC’s The Voice).

“We wanted the music video to reflect the minimalist and classic vibe of the song so we filmed it in black and white. Instead of opting for our usual technological setup that would involve synthesizers, electronic drums and laptops, we achieved a simpler aesthetic with the use of an upright piano, stand up bass and a beautiful Ludwig Classic drum set.” – Eric Stang

“‘I Crave You’ was one of those songs that poured out fast. When Eric and Mario shared the instrumentation, I couldn’t get over the baseline. It felt like a heartbeat. I tend to write about love from a morbid perspective. I thought an unhealthy obsessions for something you need, crave would put the listener in my mind where the bass line had left me.” – Lauren Ruth Ward

Keyboardist/songwriter, Eric Stang, and drummer, Mario Cerutti, first met back in 2006 in the practice rooms of DePaul University’s Music School in Chicago where they studied jazz and classical percussion. Since the launch of Polarcode in 2010, the now Los Angeles based duo have toured their brand of indie pop throughout the states.


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