“Clockwork” By Ghost Woman

Ghost Woman, has shared new single, “Clockwork.” The track, is off their self-titled LP, out in Canada via Victory Pool and via Full Time Hobby everywhere else. The album brims with self-produced and self-performed Anatolian sounds and lo-fi hooks. Singer/ songwriter Evan John Uschenko,  takes his inspirations from the timeless sounds of Can, Beak, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, and modern artists, including Kurt Vile and The Black Angels

On the track, Uschenko says, “This song came out of no-where. Started out as a completely different progression and ended up sounding like this. No clue what the lyrics are about. Just hit record and sang something.”

“Not only did we have a rehearsal space catch fire and ruin some of our gear but this last year my van got broken into and ripped off some of my favourite guitars and amps. I try not to let that bug me too much, and luckily they were cheap-o Sears-Roebuck / Stencil amps / Japanese knock-offs,” he rambles with a morning coffee and cigarette in hand. “A few road bumps can’t stop us. It’s only gonna make us come back stronger.”

Ghost Woman’s blissfully hypnotic world is the creation of melodic maniac, Evan John Uschenko. Beating the odds of life as a busy touring musician, salvaging and replacing his instruments from burned down rehearsal spaces, van break-ins and far too many relocations to list, Uschenko has transformed his lifelong habit of homespun sonic exploration into a sensory ‘mix and match’ experience destined for the main stage.

Purchase “Clockwork” by Ghost Woman HERE


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