Chewing (Local Natives) debut two new singles

Chewing is the side-project by Local Natives' Nik Ewing. Chewing will release a cover of Dennis Wilson's 'Pacific Ocean Blue'

Chewing, is the side project by Local Natives’ Nik Ewing. He will release Turntable Kitchen’s Sounds Delicious vinyl subscription series. The release, A full-album cover of Dennis Wilson’s debut album Pacific Ocean Blue. Since its release in 1977, Pacific Ocean Blue has become a cult classic, and Ewing says of his take, “I wanted to re-imagine this album in a much darker and ambient context.” (Read his full statement below). The record features all of Ewing’s Local Natives bandmates, as well as Cults, The Gloomies, Chris Chu of POP ETC, Evan Voytas, and Nico Segal.

Chewing’s Pacific Ocean Blues will be available December 21 exclusively on vinyl via Turntable Kitchen’s SOUNDS DELICIOUS subscription series. It is strictly limited edition and will feature original artwork by Teresa Grasseschi.

Nik Ewing on Pacific Ocean Blue:

With zero hyperbole, driving across LA can take half an hour or four days. One of the more manageable times I drove across the city, it took me 37:15, the length of Pacific Ocean Blue by Dennis Wilson. Like many important first album listening experiences, the entire environment surrounding that listen burnt into my memory. It was like that sad, dark album was made specifically for that specific sad, dark drive across LA. A haunted, outcast Beach Boy who still sung simple Beach Boy lyrics like “I’m sorry, I miss you” but whose weathered voice is painfully more honest without the hollow late 70’s shine from his band (who seemingly didn’t miss him that much).

I really love when artists give their own radical take on a song (Jukebox by Cat Power is criminally underrated IMO). Luckily this album isn’t as “sacred” as if I covered Pet Sounds in its entirety, which allowed me a lot more liberty. I wanted to re-imagine this album in a much darker and ambient context: to flow like a lost mixtape, to sound cohesive with all the voices (and trumpet, hi Nico!) weaving in and out throughout (and obviously I couldn’t NOT have my band contribute beautiful, lush harmonies to a Beach Boy cover album).


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