Charlotte Hatherley Ash Forms Sylver Tongue

Charlotte Hatherley (Ash) forms Sylver Tongue – Tours With Bat For Lashes ||

Sylver Tongue was born from the Kandinsky addled mind of a Purple Rain obsessed girl. Inspired by 70s sci-fi movies, psychedelic pop and the prowling grooves of Grace Jones and her warm leatherette, Sylver’s songs were hammered out on an old battered Juno and a shiny metal computer from the comfort of her underground cave.

The new project from Charlotte Hatherley was unveiled earlier this year in the form of the free download, ‘Hook You Up’. Seductive synths collide with Charlotte’s vocals to create the new single ‘Creatures’ which was released on May 21st, and carries on where ‘Hook You Up’ left off.

Both songs demonstrate a new direction for Hatherley; whereas previously she has written songs on a guitar, under her Sylver Tongue guise, she composes on keys. The resulting tracks stand out from her previous solo material and define a new chapter in her career.

Tour Dates

(With Bat For Lashes)

10/18 – Ironworks – Inverness, UK
10/19 – Picture House – Edinburgh, UK
10/21 – ABC – Glasgow, UK
10/22 – Cathedral – Manchester, UK
10/25 – Met Uni – Leeds, UK
10/26 – UEA – Norwich, UK
10/28 – Academy – Leicester, UK
10/29 – Forum – London, UK
11/1 – Institute – Birmingham, UK
11/2 – Anson Rooms – Bristol, UK
11/3 – Pyramids – Portsmouth, UK
11/4 – Dome – Brighton, UK
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