Charlie Hickey Releases Count The Stairs Ep

Today, sees the release of Charlie Hickey's debut EP Count The Stairs
Charlie Hickey Count The Stairs

Today, sees the release of Charlie Hickey’s debut EP Count The Stairs. The album was Mixed and engineered by Marshall Vore, and features friend and collaborator Phoebe Bridgers on backing vocals for two of the songs.

Born in 1999, Charlie Hickey grew up in South Pasadena, just minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. Raised by two singer-songwriter parents, Charlie’s second language was music from day one. As early as grade school, he was making sense of the world through songwriting, and by middle school he was writing, recording and performing songs that attracted a community of collaborators and could silence a room.

A turning point for Charlie came at around the age of thirteen, when he covered a song by then up-and-coming artist Phoebe Bridgers, who was still in high school herself. The two quickly became friends and collaborators, setting Charlie on an exciting new musical path. Years later, Bridgers introduced Charlie to songwriter, drummer, producer and her bandmate Marshall Vore, who noticed something special about Charlie. The two began writing and recording songs together, and soon Charlie dropped out of school to work on his music full-time.

Charlie Hickey
Count The Stairs

1. No Good At Lying
2. Count The Stairs
3. Two Haunted Houses
4. Seeing Things
5. Ten Feet Tall
6. Notre Dame

Order Count The Stairs by Charlie Hickey HERE


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