“Carnival Sounds” By Jahnah Camille

Jahnah Camille has shared “carnival sounds,” the track is off the artist’s debut EP, i tried to freeze light, but only remember a girl. available June 21st via Winspear (Wishy, Video Age). The EP’s songs capture the rollercoaster of teenage angst, heartbreak and introspection. “carnival sounds,” features previous singles “roadkill” and “flesh.”

Camille says of the track:

“Carnival sounds is about feeling like a joke in every sense. Nothing I say makes sense and I can’t get any of my phrasing right. It’s interesting because I don’t really feel like it’s changed with time but my highly critical conscience has gotten quieter. I’ve always felt from an extremely young age that even when I try to conform, it makes me feel seen as more of a freak and this is how I coped. Like a seal with a ball on its nose or a monkey on a unicycle. You’re intrigued by the animal itself and their actions don’t make you feel like it’s any more of a usual situation.”


1. flesh
2. roadkill
3. elliott
4. paper doll
5. carnival sounds

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