Canadian Music Week announces more artists

Canadian Music Week announces next wave of artists

Canadian Music Week has announced the next wave of artists for the 2017 edition of the festival. Newly added performers include Melissa Etheridge, Toronto’s own Hollerado, along with the city’s Charlotte Day Wilson, Weaves, and Greys, Montreal’s Duchess Says, and the new collaboration from composer / producer Toro Y Moi, Chaz Bundick Meets Mattson 2. The SiriusXM House will land at The Great Hall, packed with two nights of music including a headlining set on Saturday with Canadian country act High Valley. This year’s festival is set to take place April 18 – 23 at participating venues across downtown Toronto. You can read our coverage from last year’s Canadian Music Week here.

Now in it’s 35th year, the Canadian Music Week festival spans 6 nights of performances, with hundreds of showcasing bands at more than 30 live music venues in downtown Toronto. The festival also boasts convention functions at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.

Charlotte Day Wilson
Chaz Bundick Meets Mattson 2
Duchess Says
Freak Heat Waves
High Valley
Julia Jacklin
Madeline Merlo
Melissa Etheridge
River Town Saints

#FAMILYGRIND – United States
36? – Canada
3peat – Canada
A Gentleman’s Pact – Canada
Abigail Lapell – Canada
Academy Killer – Canada
Across The Board – Canada
Alana Henderson – Northern Ireland
Alex Bent + The Emptiness – Canada
Alice Ivy – Australia
Always Never – Canada
Alyssa Marie – USA
Amberwood – Canada
Amy & The Engine – United States
Avec Sans – England
B.R.Mackie – United States
Babygirl – Canada
Bad Buzz – Canada
BARQ – Ireland
Big Knife Little Knife – Canada
BIRTHH – Italy
Bitch Falcon – Ireland
Bossie – Canada
Call Security – United States
Cat Clyde – Canada
Chemical Burn – Canada
Cleo T. – France
Clubhouse – United States
Crisis Ctrl Club – Canada
Dear Criminals – Canada
Denis The Night & The Panic Party – Italy
Dentist – USA
DGS Samurai Champs – Canada
Dick Rodan – Canada
Dresden Wolves – Mexico
Ensh – Serbia
Exit Someone – Canada
Fond Of Rudy – United Kingdom
Forty Seven Teeth – Canada
Goodnight Tonight – United States
Grown Up Avenger Stuff – United States
hey! dw – Canada
Hiroshima Hearts – Canada
Honey Beard – Canada
James Blonde – Canada
Jordan Paul – Canada
June Divided – United States
Kyrk Dodds – Canada
Lab Coast – Canada
LABS – Canada
Lanikai – Canada
Last Bullet – Canada
Lauren Spike – Canada
Laurent Bourque – Canada
Limestone Chorus – Canada
Magnolian – Mongolia
Malca – France
Marcus Alan Ward – United States
May Wells – Canada
Menage – Canada
Molehill – United States
Moon Tan – Canada
My Son The Hurricane – Canada
Native Other – Canada
New Valley Wolves – Ireland
No Stories – Colombia
North by North – United States
Nuela Charles – Canada
ONFIILM – Canada
Only Wolf – Spain
Paddle to the Sea – Canada
Postmoderndisco – Canada
Pretty City – Australia
RendeR – Chile
Run Coyote – Canada
SC Mira – Canada
Skyward – United States
Smokes – Canada
Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible – Canada
Stand Up And Say No – Canada
Straight to Business – Canada
SuperGlu – England
Surf Dads – Canada
tangina stone – USA
Tété – France
Texas King – Canada
The Brevet – United States
The Census – Canada
The Extroverts – Canada
The Foreign Resort – Denmark
The Honest Heart Collective – Canada
The Huaraches – Canada
The Johans – Canada
The Kents – Canada
The Messenger Birds – United States
The Most Loyal – Canada
The Ocean Cure – Canada
The Steady Rebels – Canada
Uforia – Canada
Viking Fell – Canada
Wasiu – Canada
We Were Lovers – Canada
What If Elephants – Canada
White Label Analog – United States
Wild Planes – United States
Wild Rivers – Canada
Windigo – Canada
Wolkoff – USA
Wotts – Canada
WYLAND – United States
Zoo Owl – Canada


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