“Call The Dogs Out” by The Garden

The Garden release Mirror Might Steal Your Charm, this Friday via Epitaph Records. New single ‘Call The Dogs Out’ is classic Garden, it’s minimalist two-piece bass and drums and jumping time signatures causing mayhem amidst a cacophony or barks. The pair had this to say on it’s video:

Wyatt & Fletcher Shears on the video:

“It’s somewhat true to life assortment of things we do on the regular, displaying the side of us that is as normal as your local post office employee. We’re simply doing things we do everyday. Taxes, Yard work and Grocery shopping.”

Wyatt and Fletcher Shears (24) have been conceptualising their own style since well before the formation of the band in 2011. Described as auditory invaders of the new world; borderless, informed and decentralised, the duo represent a youthful punk scene in California with their DIY principles, thrift store-cum-glam fashion style and a vast list of influences. While 2013’s ‘Life And Times Of A Paperclip’ offered a glimpse into their breakbeat-propelled world of electro-punk anarchy, it was their innovative Epitaph debut ‘Haha’ (2015) that proved them to be much more than style over substance, sadistically teasing all essences of musical genres into 17 wonderfully chaotic tracks.

The Garden strip off everything unnecessary about modern punk and get straight to the heart of it, consistently defying categorisation and breaking new ground with their own ‘Vada Vada’ philosophy, an idea that represents pure creative expression, disregarding all previously made genres and ideals.