“California” by June Gloom

"California" by June Gloom is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'
"California" by June Gloom

Exploding In Sound Records has announced a split release from Brooklyn’s June Gloom (aka Tall Friend’s Jesse Paller) and Rock Solid (aka Jaime Knoth). With each musician offering their own take on stripped-down indie rock, primarily voice and guitar, the two gifted songwriters come together on Subletter / Something Solid, a conceptual pairing of sorts as both Knoth and Paller were once esteemed EIS interns. The similarities go beyond the surface though, with each solo effort representing the time spent directly at the end of college, figuring out adult-hood and moving on with life.

Jesse Paller on “California”

“‘California’ was formed during a brief visit to my hometown of LA. At the time I was caught in a whirlwind of fresh heartbreak, intense nostalgia and the general lore of the place, an adult looking out my childhood windows. The song became my attempt to add to the lush canon of classic California songwriters, and the way they captured the strange dissonance I felt, burned-out despair within a picturesque, mystical landscape.”


June Gloom
1. Blame
2. Fresh Air
3. Teeth
4. California

Rock Solid
5. Doing Fine
6. Wicker
7. Loose Track
8. Burning Out

More on Rock Solid and June Gloom

Two former Exploding In Sound Records interns come together to join forces on an incredible split cassette, each offering an intimate EP of stripped down singer/songwriter music.

Rock Solid has been a quiet contributor to the Tri-State music circuit. With only a few single releases on Bandcamp, Something Solid is Rock Solid’s first EP release. Musician and Illustrator Jaime Knoth began writing music under the Rock Solid moniker shortly after starting college in Brooklyn as a new creative outlet that grew out of her exposure to the small music scene in her hometown, Montclair, NJ.

The songs on Something Solid incapsulate Knoth’s transits from teen to adult, marking some of the struggles between family and friends; they are a celebration of a coming of age. When the release was approaching, she looked to close friend Adan Carlo (who sings on ‘Doing Fine’) to help her record the songs where they were written, in the attic of her childhood home. With Carlo’s help and contributions to these tracks, Rock Solid’s Something Solid is a gentle reminder to accept help from the ones that love you.