“Burn the Boxes” By Call Me Spinster

Call Me Spinster has released “Burn the Boxes,” the song is off their forthcoming album Potholes, available on April 12 via Strolling Bones Records. The track is accompanied by a video, showing the group reusing pieces of cardboard as the colorful backdrop for this impactful metaphor about change. Potholes was Co-produced with Drew Vandenberg (Faye Webster, of Montreal, Kishi Bashi), the album blends the trio’s influences from bubbly synth-pop to psychedelic folk, sonically mirroring the rollercoaster of this phase in life.

Call Me Spinster on the new single: “”Burn the Boxes” is all about tearing down and re-defining terms – of relationships, of our contract with societal institutions. It felt fitting to rip apart and reuse cardboard boxes to make something colorful, haphazard and beautiful – a reminder that change takes the creative, destructive and playful mind of a child.”

On the music video: “Amelia’s husband Dan got the idea for this music video at 7 in the morning, groggily watching our six and two and a half-year-olds crafting away, hot-gluing cardboard dioramas and a dollhouse they are perpetually retro-fitting with found objects. By 10am we were deep in a cardboard frenzy, the assembly line led by six year-old Amos and our art director friend Chad. We sent our kid off to first grade the next morning exhausted and still covered in spray paint, but proud of his first (and likely not last) production design credit.”

Potholes is the follow-up to the band’s self-titled EP. The band is Made up of sisters Amelia, Rachel and Rosie, Call Me Spinster has a knack for blurring old-timey traditions with modernized pop fun for unexpected musical twists and turns – a fruitful journey that continues to evolve on Potholes.

Call Me Spinster

1. Feet Are Dirty
2. Married in My Mind
3. I Went Down
4. Mule
5. Constantly Dying
6. Standby
7. No Yield Sign
8. Born in a Ditch
9. White Lines
10. Burn the Boxes
11. Potholes

Pre-order Potholes by Call Me Spinster HERE


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