“Blue Bucket of Gold” by Lindenfield

Lindenfield is a songwriter & producer from Chicago. Often autobiographical, his songs explore the connection and miscommunication between himself and others in grief, love, anger, and hope. Lindenfield has produced the likes of The Atomics, Emily Brown, and June Cat.

On his new album:
“My grandma Shirley passed away late last year during what seemed to be a season of significant deaths. David Bowie. Prince. George Martin. They all hit me hard. My new album is a collection of songs I recorded at home over the last few years while I was mourning the loss of a loved one, a hero, a lover, or simply the loss of hope.”

He’s now collaborated with IMPOSE Magazine to premiere the video for his cover of Sufjan Stevens’ “Blue Bucket of Gold,” off of his new album The Season of Death.

On the decision to cover Sufjan Stevens:

From the first time I heard this song, I wanted to sing it in 4 part harmony. Beyond the lyrics, I love its natural chord structure and emotional melody. “Blue Bucket Of Gold” was on repeat in my car for a month straight as I would sing the bass line, then the tenor, alto, and soprano. It was clearly a hymn.

There are no better people to sing with than Emily, Alyssa, and Stuart. We all come at it with the same, natural approach. Minimal vibrato. No “soulful affectation white girls put on.” We just sing how we were born singing. The perfect compliment to my grandparents’ living room where we recorded this.


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