“Blood Water”by Devra (ft. Sara Vanderwert)

Blood Water by Devra

Following his Jazz FM-backed debut single ‘Moses’, multi-faceted artist & producer Devra returns with ‘Blood Water’. Using neo-soul as the canvas for creation, Devra teamed up with vocalist Sara Vanderwert to deliver an explicit message on this track – it’s our duty as human beings to respect the Earth and our connection with it.

Combining dancing vocal and flute melodies with atmospheric synth layers and a bopping neo-soul backbeat, the track also retains the jazz throughline found across Devra’s upcoming, self-titled EP. There’s space for tasteful solos from both tenor saxophonist Lorenzo De Luca and alto saxophonist Zeno Merlini, which channel the emotional energy delivered by Sara Vanderwert’s vocal performance.

“The lyrics of the song are to remind people that there is a deep connection between us and the Earth we all inhabit. We are both made of water, blood and light. It is our duty to reconnect with its soul, to protect and respect it, to respect ourselves after all.”



Originally from Italy, Devra is the alias of drummer, composer & producer Fabio De Angelis. He’s made a name for himself as a session drummer in his native country, collaborating with several artists on the national scene across the worlds of jazz and pop. His experiences and cross-genre collaborations led to him arriving at a personal synthesis resulting in his upcoming, self-titled debut EP. It’s a project that moves between jazz and neo-soul, with echoes of hip-hop and RnB that reflect the musical shifts and transitions he’s been through in recent years.




Pre-order Devra’s upcoming EP and listen to “Blood Water” HERE


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