“Black Lightning’s Daughters” by We Three And The Death Rattle

U.K.-based indie rock trio We Three And The Death Rattle delivered their lead single “Stray Rounds” in November 2015 and now they are releasing their latest track “Black Lightning’s Daughters”, the second single off the band’s upcoming sophomore album
Entrances & Exits.

“Black Lightning’s Daughters” and its accompanying video tell the story of a
planet adrift in self-made turmoil, dead-end jobs, and an apathetic,
desensitized populace drowning in a sea of prescription medication –
all alongside a young girl desperate to do something about it, but who
spends her time lost in a stash of DC comic books. The video features
close-ups of lead singer Amy Cooper’s face superimposed with shots of a
girl reading a Black Lightning comic book and images of a world in turmoil.

“Black Lightning’s Daughters” comes on like a musical maelstrom, with
huge black waves of organ, lightning strike guitar stabs, and thunderous
drums from twin brothers Andy and Jon Bennett. All this is pulled together
with stream-of-consciousness lyrics and a call to arms chorus that declares
“Black Lightning send me your daughter / This world is burning up with
death and disorder.”

“Black Lightning’s Daughters” is out via PAW//PURR on April 15th.

Jen Dan


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