“Black Hills” by Gardens & Villa

“Black Hills” is off Garden & Villa’s debut self-titled album released in 2011 via Secretly Canadian. The duo has released two albums since, Dunes (2014) and Music For Dogs (2015) which are both worth checking out.

Gardens & Villa’s “Black Hills,” from the band’s self-titled debut, is thick-but-nimble, low-key West Coast new wave. The video for “Black Hills,” directed by Ulysses//Onassis, is an adventure filmed in the wilderness of rural Oregon. It’s stark black & white cinematography is a nice juxtapose from the lushness of the song, though it’s no less dreamy. We find the men of Gardens & Villa portraying a gang of drunken, backwoods greasers who hunt down a small, near-albino child and his glowing, magical alien crystal thing. It’s part Stand By Me, part E.T., part Night of the Hunter and cool all over. – from Secretly Canadian