Babes Debut Video For “Die” Ft. Eric Wareheim

Harvest Records' Babes Releases Video For "Die" Ft. Eric Wareheim - Debut EP Out May 27th on Harvest records, Babes play April 25th next In Los Angeles

"Die" by Babes (featuring Eric Wareheim)

We could stop right there. Singer/keyboardist Sarah Rayne makes it abundantly clear that the hormonally charged pop music of Babes is simply an extension of the hormonally charged people who make it – herself, along with birth brothers Aaron and Zach and figurative blood brothers Bryan Jeffrey and Jeffrey John. And while their music encompasses the past five decades of pop music – from Brill Building to the grimiest Los Angeles punk basements – Babes recognize “horny” and “sad” as the two core impulses from which 99% of all great art is derived. Babes is a locomotive sex drive down a trail of tears.

The story of Babes is likewise populated by the weirdo archetypes of pop – high school dropouts, boho parents, mohawked punk rockers, shady Svengalis, chance meetings at crushing day jobs. Each member is a real life character in this bizarre story. Singer/producer/auteur Aaron styles in a quasi-Pony Boy look, while Zach sports a Freddie Mercury mustache. A member of a university orchestra, Bryan is blessed with encyclopedic knowledge of both aquatic fish and music theory. Meanwhile, drummer Jeffrey’s sex appeal amongst both men and women is the source of much pride amongst his heatseeking bandmates. Sarah is the “wild rat” of the group, Jeffrey explains, “We like the female element. I couldn’t dedicate my life to only a male voice.”

Pop provided a structure in the Leigh household that was otherwise non-existent. They’re a family of Los Angeles gypsies, born to ballet dancers and subject to moving literally dozens of times during their high school days – from Hollywood to Venice to Echo Park and back, as they’ve set up in their Mime School studio, a practice spot that doubles as a crash pad and impromptu movie gallery.


Babes, out May 27th
1. Isn’t It Love
3. You & Me
4. Hey My Man


04/25/14 Los Angeles, CA – Bootleg Bar
05/15/14 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
05/24/14 San Diego, CA – The Tin Can
05/25/14 Los Angeles, CA – Origami Vinyl Instore Performance – 5pm

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