Ava Luna Announce LP + Signs To Western Vinyl

Ava Luna Announce LP + Signs To Western Vinyl. They release "Electric Balloon" on 3/4. The first single is "Daydream". Ava Luna play 1/17 in Brooklyn.

Ava Luna are extremely pleased to announce that they have signed to Western Vinyl and will be issuing their sophomore album Electric Balloon through the venerable label on March 4th.  To celebrate, they’ve premiered the record’s first single “Daydream”, which can be heard or streamed/shared above.

Electric Balloon was recorded by Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader, both of whom, apart from being in Ava Luna, have gained further recognition as go-to recording engineers within the Brooklyn music community. The album was later mixed by Jimmy Douglass whose lengthy credits include the likes of Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah, Timbaland, Television, Gang of Four, etc. The mix of grit and shine perfectly captures and accentuates their unique blend of doo-wop soul, no wave, and art-pop.

The band plunges head first into the new year playing one of 285 Kent’s last ever shows (with Dan Deacon) and a show at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem. Stay tuned for more dates to be announced shortly!

After years of writing and performing, Ava Luna has refined their doo-wop soul meets punk-as-fuck aesthetic into something bold and glaringly defiant in today’s indie music landscape. Following the release of their critically lauded first proper full-length Ice Level, the band spent an intense two-week period writing and recording in upstate New York. Unlike previous efforts that were meticulously mapped out, the songs that would become Electric Balloon were “a family effort” according to front-man Carlos Hernandez. For the new album, former Columbia composition student Hernandez relinquished the reins a bit, opting for a more organic approach to writing the material for what would become Electric Balloon. As Hernandez explains, it was a “…birth of confidence. I grew closer to my bandmates, began to see the roles of a family playing out. Ethan cooks dinner for all of us, we make lewd jokes, and then ‘after-dinner storytelling’ takes the form of playing music.”




02.Sears Roebuck M&Ms



05.Plain Speech

06.Electric Balloon


08.Hold U



11.Ab Ovo


01/17 – Brooklyn, NY @ 285 Kent

02/08 – New York, NY @ Apollo Theater


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