Arca Releases Music Video for “Incendio”

Arca releases music video for "Incendio"
Arca Photo Courtesy of XL Recordings

Arca has released a self-directed video for “Incendio” that premiered at Mutant;Destrudo, her four-night performance series commissioned by the Park Avenue Armory, which concluded on Sunday, October 15th.

The visual piece captures a raw performance of Arca from the Armory stage, featuring custom technology from Japanese artist Daito Manabe, who collaborated with Arca on the creation of a radical device that converts music signals into electrical signals. As Manabe explains further, “through myoelectric sensors attached to Arca’s face, we can use technology to intricately, and at times violently, control and transform her expressions.” Despite these technological constraints, Arca delivers a powerful performance, offering herself as a vessel, happily enjoying the pleasure and the pain of each rhythmic shock.

“Incendio” Music Video Credits:
Guest Artist and Custom Technology Development: Daito Manabe
Camera: Shaun MacDonald
Directress, Hair, Makeup, Styling: Arca
Lighting Designer: Vincent de Belleval
Electric Muscle Stimulation Device Engineer: Masaki Teruoka
Project Manager: Naoki Ishizuka and Rina Watanabe
Assistant: 2bit


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