“Another One of You” by The Shaker Hymn

The footage in the video was put together by our good friend, Colm O’Herlihy who works for Feel Good Lost. It’s very much based on brotherhood and bond as well the escapism that the song is shouting about. Like all the videos on the album we shot and directed it ourselves, that’s been important this time around – it’s giving us a coherent voice in everything we do. Another One Of You is kind of unstable. It’s about anxiety and worry but in a really stubborn celebratory way. The shots in the video are pretty unhinged in that manner, flip flopping in a very concrete way.

The Shaker Hymn are a five-piece hailing from Cork, Ireland. Comprising classic songwriting acumen with a decidedly 2016 edge, the band don’t fit easily into preconceived ideas of genre. Elements of indie pervade and some tracks tilt towards more alternative themes, but the overriding feel of the album is that of pop sensibility. Take Trophy Child or Sucking It Out, the deft hooks make the listener at once appreciate a serious band is at work.

There is a sense of glamour to proceedings – fans of Suede’s early work will be enticed by the nonchalant way that Sherlock spits out the lyrics. But while The Shaker Hymn evoke some of the best characteristics of 90s bands, but this is an intently forward looking outfit whose lyrics reflect a deep romanticism often attributed to Dublin, but hidden away in beautiful Cork, these guys prove it’s a nationwide trait.

The band are friends since childhood, the catalyst for what would become The Shaker Hymn was a two-month American excursion early in 2012.


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