070 Shake Shares “Purple Walls” Video

070 Shake Shares "Purple Walls" Video. The track is off her album 'You Can't Kill Me.' now available via Def Ham Recordings and DSPs
070 Shake Shares "Purple Walls" Video. The track is off her album 'You Can't Kill Me'

070 Shake shares a new video for “Purple Walls,” a track off her sophomore album You Can’t Kill Me, directed by Nico Ballesteros. The video arrives on the heels of extensive touring both as a headliner in North America and Europe, as well as in support of Kid Cudi as part of his “To The Moon” tour.

You Can’t Kill Me is an extension of Shake’s previous interrogation of humanity, aiming to further expose her innermost feelings and to explore complicated interpersonal connections, digging deeply as a manifesto about emotional investment, codependency, and withdrawal. Speaking on the project’s premise, she shares: “We’re so attached to this physical world, it makes us more susceptible to being hurt. You can’t kill me because I’m more than my body.” Further detailing the album’s genesis, she says “With each album, it’s like you’re being revealed more and more. You Can’t Kill Me shows how dedicated I am to being free within music… Feeling is the biggest ingredient of my music.”

Purchase You Can’t Kill Me by 070 Shake HERE


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