“Lost Girls” Bat For Lashes

Singer/Director/Actor/Songwriter Natasha Khan AKA: Bat For Lashes, has released a new video for “Kids In The Dark.” The video is shot against the hills of LA, with the eerie light of dusk casting a shadow across proceedings, and introduces how Nikki Pink became a Lost Girl. In the last few weeks, Bat For Lashes has shared clues in a video and photograph form and the mysterious Lost Girls phone line was inundated with strange and intriguing #batphoners messages about Nikki’s whereabouts.

The women of Lost Girls are parallel to one of Khan’s previous female protagonists, the street tough, darkness-driven Pearl, from her 2009 lauded album Two Suns. Within the women of Lost Girls and the character Nikki Pink, Khan unfolds elements of herself; within these songs, we do the same.

Lost Girls is an album full of romance, a homage to Los Angeles, to being a kid in the 80’s, to films that touched and changed her life. It mixes sounds Khan has always loved — heavy bass lines, synth arpeggios, Iranian pop beats, cascading choruses.

Bat For Lashes LP Lost Girls comes out September 6th, via Awal Recordings

“Kids in the Dark”
Video credits

Director: Natasha Khan
Producer : Margo Mars
Production Company: Lief

Nikki Pink : Natasha Khan
Michael : Samuel Watkins

Director of Photography : Gilles O’Kane
Line Producer: Roberto Rodriguez
Director’s Creative Assistant & Casting: Avery Wheless
Editor : Noel Paul
Colourist : Bossi Baker
Titles : Fraser Muggeridge Studio
Costume : Devin Winter
Hair & Make Up : Alexandra French, Alex Perrone