“Zuni” Grandchildren

Philadelphia band Grandchildren have been a part of the city’s underground music scene, for over a decade. The band’s sound contains a mix of pop, folk and electronica. Songwriter Aleks Martray attributes his eclectic sound to a nomadic coming of age across three continents and a decade of touring, during which he met frontwoman Shari Bolar.

Grandchildren’s curent release is diary of songs that span the 9 years of the bands existence, from when songwriter Aleks Martray met frontwoman Shari Bolar on their first US tour to the present day. These 7 songs chart the course of their relationship from chance encounter, to long distance romance, to estrangement, and reunion. Over the years Martray shared sketches of these songs with Bolar as musical love letters, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the couple would record them together at their home in West Philadelphia. Through this collaboration the songs evolved from simple sketches to harmonic conversations about their past, present and future. Together these tracks weave together a narrative of love, longing, and the sliding door musings of what could’ve been and what might become – from the carpe diem optimism of Ok I’m Waiting, to the dark despair of Phantom Pains, and the redemption-themed Zuni. The album represents a departure from the bands dense orchestrations to a more intimate & acoustic sensibility that forefronts the couples vocal harmonies in their ability to express the story behind the songs


01. Ok I’m Waiting
02. Zuni
03. Phantom Pains
04. Gravity
05. I Want It Bad
06. Motherboard
07. Only One

Live Dates:

03/1/19 – Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s
03/17/19 – Austin TX – SXSW Music Festival
03/19/19 – Hot Springs ARK – VOV Music Festival
03/21/19 – Raleigh, NC – Pour House


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