Zulu Pearls Share “Boss of Your Heart”

Berlin-based, by way of Washington, DC, Zulu Pearls has shared their latest live performance video. “This is the second of the series of songs off the Singles Deluxe EP that we performed at Heiner’s Bar (aka Weserstrasse 58), explains Zach Van Hoozer, the creative force behind the project. “I was happy to get such a variety of friends and acquaintances in to watch us play. It’s a real document of a specific era of the band as two of the members have since moved on to other endeavors but we remain a close knit crew, including our friend and director James Slater who is now based in London and does bigger videos for bands like the Kaiser Chiefs and Mark Owen…we have this to remind us of all being in the same place, which is great.”

In 2009, Zulu Pearls began the seemingly insurmountable task of being a guitar-based band in the middle of Berlin, a city dominated by minimal beats and house piano. Five years on, with 2012’s No Heroes No Honeymoons LP under their belt, their resolve to stay the course has yielded some fine results in this fresh collection of singles.

Instantly familiar, but hard to pin down, Singles Deluxe is a clear continuation of trajectory from Zulu Pearls’ first LP No Heroes No Honeymoons towards the bands’ brand of cosmopolitan pop, rock and soul.

Comprised of recording session B-sides, the songs range from power pop anthems, soul-inflected reflections on lost love, full on R&B come-ons and faux philosophical grooves. Tracks on Singles Deluxe were completed loosely over time on both sides of the Atlantic while compiling songs for Zulu Pearls’ second full length with sessions in the US overseen by producer Nick Anderson in Arlington, VA’s venerable Inner Ear/Bastille Studios and the rest by Van Hoozer himself, in various living rooms and practice spaces throughout Berlin.

On top of the five original tracks on display, Singles Deluxe boasts exclusive remixes from a wide range of co-conspirators, artists and producers, including the likes of drifters Dirty Beaches (Montreal, CA) and Sapphire Slows (Tokyo, JP), weirdo-pop producer Young Marco (Amsterdam, NL) and Gothenburg, Sweden’s native son, Svart Express.

Zulu Pearls Share "Boss of Your Heart" Video, available off the album 'Singles Deluxe' now out on Cantora records

Track List:
01. Safe Things
02. Lightweight
03. Boss of Your Heart
04. Not Like the Others
05. Get Free
06. Safe Things (Zulu Pearls Remix)
07. Lightweight (Dirty Beaches ft. Sapphire Slows Remix)
08. Boss of Your Heart (Johnny Bye-Bye Remix)
09. Not Like the Others (Young Marco Remix)
10. Get Free (Svart Express Remix)

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