ZoZo debut “Close to Falling Asleep” video

ZoZo debuts video for "Close to Falling Asleep"

Dream pop singer and producer ZoZo has just released her sophomore single “Close to Falling Asleep”, which premiered on March 12th. Today she has debuted the brand new video for the track. The song is characterised by the sweeping synth soundscapes and chilled electronic beats typical of ZoZo’s previous music. After the success of her debut single ‘I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight’, she has been playing gigs all around London and working on the music video.

ZoZo on “Close to Falling Asleep” video

“It’s a simple carefree concept which portrays saying goodbye and really not caring at all!
I wanted to make a stripped back video where my expressions changed as much as my feelings about the situation in the song did.”