Zig Zags Release New Single, Playing Release Show in LA

Released earlier this year on Mexican Summer, and their recent collaboration with Iggy Pop for Light in the Attic, Zig Zags are back with “Monster Wizard” a droning riff combined with chanted vocals and a broken theramin. It tells the story of how all those road-tards and stone trolls got here in the first place. The B-side “Turbo Hit” takes you down a dark alley gets high.

Zig Zags

Monster Wizard 7″

(Tubesteak Tuesday)

Street Date: Oct. 2

A: “Monster Wizard”
B: “Turbo Hit”

Bandcamp – http://zigzags.bandcamp.com/

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zig-Zags/114037542014925

Label – http://flavors.me/tubesteaktuesday