Zenith Myth unveils new single and LP

Zenith Myth has announced 'Eclipsed V', the Lead track from the album is "Shadow Fortune"

Zenith Myth has moved in a new direction for his latest release “Eclipsed V”. Focusing a bit more on experimental electronica, but still including real guitars and drums in the mix. Key influences on the release include – M83, Tycho, Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, The XX, My Bloody Valentine, Kraftwerk, Ratatat, Vangelis, Ride, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Tame Impala, Miles Davis.

From The artist: “Think eighties synth progressions with classic rock drum fills, alongside waved out guitar loops woven together just enough to bring you in but disorient simultaneously, and you pretty much get the idea of what “Eclipsed V” sounds like. Deconstructionist from the start, the record transports you to uncharted territory melding basslines, sampled sounds with dark droned out guitars and synths.There are also acoustic guitar flourishes at times hinting at the rock sounds of a young Fleetwood Mac, with traces of Boards of Canada and some early Cure melancholy thrown in for good measure”.

As with the last record, Zenith Myth collaborated with old friend Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker The Star), to help capture the feeling and spirit of the sounds album.