Yumi Zouma remixes Claire George

Yumi Zouma remixes Cascine labelmate Claire George's new single “Where Do You Go?”
Yumi Zouma remixes labelmate Claire George

Claire George has shared a remix for “Where Do You Go?” remixed by George’s labelmates Yumi Zouma. George’s EP Bodies Of Water came out earlier in this month via Cascine.

Claire George “Where Do You Go?”

“‘Where Do You Go?’ acknowledges the impermanence of relationships and how as we grow older we try, and often fail, to come to terms with the shifting ways in which we relate to each other. The song addresses how we deny the truth of the present moment by way of delusion or distraction.”

Yumi Zouma on the remix:

“With most of our remixes, we try not to listen to the original parts together until we’ve finished our remix. We go through each part individually to see what piques our interest first, cut out little bits, and then write a new track around that. For the ‘Where Do You Go?’ remix, we were most intrigued by the back up vocals, which go past fairly quietly on the original, but in isolation, seemed a few edits away from a 90’s house sample. That informed the rest of the remix, but we continued to mine little undetected snippets of Claire’s stems for the bulk of the material. I can only say that I hope Claire was happy to hear all her parts recontextualised in the Yumi format and not offended that we took a scalpel to so much of her work! We were super happy with how the remix came out, and we love the original track.”

Claire George’s voice may be familiar to some through her work as a vocal topliner in the electronic space, or as the lead singer for San Francisco act HEARTWATCH, but this project sees Claire turn her focus inward. Seeking space and seclusion, she left the Bay Area in 2016 for a quieter setting outside Seattle, near where she grew up. “At the same time my band split, I went through a break-up and a series of family traumas, quit my job, and left my community in San Francisco,” she said. “I had always been an extrovert, so living in isolation for a year and a half was a huge change for me. It was a period of solitude unlike any other I had ever experienced in my life.”

Claire George
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