“Yr Horoscope” by Sea Pinks

Sea Pinks are a three piece from Belfast featuring Neil Brogan (ex-Girls Names, CRUISING) on guitar and vocals, Steven Henry (Documenta) on bass and Davey Agnew (Newton Forest FC) on drums. Their new album Soft Days is out now via CF Records.

From it’s drone laden opening minute Soft Days confounds the listener and consolidates the trio as one of the most distinctive guitar bands around right now. “It feels like a new band” says singer/guitarist Neil Brogan. “This is the first record that was written and conceived with a three piece line up in mind. I think it’s a tighter, more cohesive record as a result.” Soft Days is the band’s second full length studio record, following on from 2014’s Dreaming Tracks and three previous DIY albums on which Brogan played virtually everything himself. It’s a snapshot of a band growing in confidence and hitting it’s stride as a three piece. It’s also thrillingly eclectic, cherry picking genres with magpie abandon.